Trait crux_core::capability::WithContext

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pub trait WithContext<Ev, Ef> {
    // Required method
    fn new_with_context(context: ProtoContext<Ef, Ev>) -> Self;
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Allows Crux to construct app’s set of required capabilities, providing context they can then use to request effects and dispatch events.

new_with_context is called by Crux and should return an instance of the app’s Capabilities type with all capabilities constructed with context passed in. Use Context::specialize to create an appropriate context instance with the effect constructor which should wrap the requested operations.

Note that this implementation can be generated by the derive macro crux_core::macros::Effect.

impl crux_core::WithContext<Event, Effect> for Capabilities {
    fn new_with_context(
        context: crux_core::capability::ProtoContext<Effect, Event>,
    ) -> Capabilities {
        Capabilities {
            http: crux_http::Http::new(context.specialize(Effect::Http)),
            render: crux_core::render::Render::new(context.specialize(Effect::Render)),

Required Methods§


fn new_with_context(context: ProtoContext<Ef, Ev>) -> Self

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.