Trait crux_core::Effect

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pub trait Effect: Send + 'static {
    type Ffi: Serialize;

    // Required method
    fn serialize(self) -> (Self::Ffi, ResolveSerialized);
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Implemented automatically with the Effect macro from crux_macros. This is used by the Bridge to serialize effects going across the FFI boundary.

Required Associated Types§


type Ffi: Serialize

Ffi is an enum with variants corresponding to the Effect variants but instead of carrying a Request<Op> they carry the Op directly

Required Methods§


fn serialize(self) -> (Self::Ffi, ResolveSerialized)

Converts the Effect into its FFI counterpart and returns it alongside a deserializing version of the resolve callback for the request that the original Effect was carrying.

You should not need to call this method directly. It is called by the Bridge